lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Heart to stay

By: Angel Valles

My summertime dream:
your kisses flying in wonderland,
you´ll see what chivalry means
when love drops along these lines.

I love from you
your pretty smile
and that thing you do
every once in a while.

You lighten my senses
my sweet southern girl
and that little tenderness
brings my heart to stay.

sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

A true love of mine

By: Angel Valles

Our windy park still remains
all along your eating apple's evenings
hanging around and then disappearing
without a simple promise to ask about.

That evening breeze is back to me
and it got me missing the same old things
that pretty much time and time before
were only written by the moonlight.

we used to play the game of fools.
Me, by being your caressing angel
and letting you be my full time dream.
In nights like tonight
when there is no need for words...
Just say a very tiny "hello"
and after a while, after a couple of smiles
just drop by my side, a sudden "good bye".

Sweetest rider. Girl of mine.
Can't you feel the wind tonight
blowing stars all around you?

You are like my oldest memory of rain.
I'm taking you in, to my heart, where love stands
tight to me... A true love of mine.